Rotisser NOH

Perfect for induction

Rotisser NOH

If you appreciate good food and design, your choice is Rotisser. The design awarded quality range of pots and pans has now been completed with two frying pans equipped with the NOH-technology. Rotisser NOH cookware applies the innovative Non-Overheatable technology primarily designed for use on induction hobs. NOH cookware cannot be overheated on induction, which prolongs the pans usable life and also improves the frying result.

Paistinpannu 24 cm

Frying pan

24 cm

  • Diameter Top24 cm
  • Diameter Bottom18,5 cm
  • Diameter Induction Zone17,4 cm
  • Thickness of the Base5,5 mm
Cast Iron Hob Ceramic Hob Dishwasher Safe Gas Hob Induction Hob Ovenproof
Paistinpannu 28cm

Frying pan

28 cm

  • Diameter Top28 cm
  • Diameter Bottom23 cm
  • Diameter Induction Zone22,4 cm
  • Thickness of the Base5,5 mm
Cast Iron Hob Ceramic Hob Dishwasher Safe Gas Hob Induction Hob Ovenproof


NOH pans last longer than conventional pans and provide a better outcome when cooking. This Finnish-made cookware has a highly durable Hardtec Superior non-stick surface and is machine washable. Rotisser is made in Finland.


Finally - The perfect pan for induction!

Overheating shortens the usable life of non-stick cookware coatings. The NOH base technology uses induction hob’s magnetism and does not let the pan heat up over 230 °C. This means that the pan’s coating cannot be damaged by overheating and cooking oils cannot catch fire. 

Rotisser NOH -paistinpannu

Ovenproof with design

Rotisser NOH pans are ovenproof (up to 250 °C) and epitomises Scandinavian design. You can take the products from the hob/oven and put them straight to the table for serving.

Arni Aromaa & Sauli Suomela, Pentagon Design


The Rotisser cookware range is designed by Pentagon Design, a design sector pathfinder in the Nordic countries that has won several awards in major international design competitions.

The company’s founders, Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela, were also distinguished with the 2012 Finnish State Prize for Design.

Guidelines for use and care

Always wash new cookware before use and remove all labels and stickers. Even though you can put Rotisser NOH cookware in a dishwasher, washing by hand is always more gentle and prolongs the usable life of non-stick surfaces. The coating can withstand metal kitchen utensils, but is not resistant to cutting or sharp edges.

Rotisser NOH -pannu

Begin cooking by heating a small amount of water or butter. The cookware has reached the correct temperature when the water has evaporated or the butter has turned golden brown. The handles of Rotisser cookware may become hot in use, and so potholders are recommended.